10 Best Tips For Shopping For Beauty Products Like a Pro

Beauty counters can be the scariest places to be in a mall. The scrutinizing eyes of the makeup experts can intimidate us to not even venture in the counters. But by doing that, we often buy the wrong products. Don’t blow your money on expensive products that are wrong for your skin tone. Shop like a pro with these tips.

  1. Utilizethe salespeople:Most sales representatives are prepared to answer any question on the items at the cosmetics counter, and they’re there to encourage you.
  2. Pinterest a look:Frequently, people will Pin a look while they’re wearing it. It can tell you how it works on your skin.
  3. Read ingredient labels: Ingredients can make or break your skin. Avoid benzoyl peroxide if you have dry skin, but buy it for acne.
  4. Search rewards programs:Most cosmetics brands offer a reward system, like Sephora’s point based one. This allows you early screening of exclusive products and samples.
  5. See samples first:A free sample is all you need to pin down the right product, so you don’t waste money on stuff that doesn’t suit you.
  6. Know undertones:If the veins under your skin look greenish, you have warm undertones and colors like golden, peach or yellow suits you best. If you have blushing or reddish veins you have cold undertones and can go for pink or nude shades.
  7. Don’t accept unsealed products:Check your product for damage before accepting to avoid infection.
  8. Go nude:When visiting a makeup counter to shop for products, don’t wear makeup so you can try all the new products available on the counter.
  9. Remember your staples: Some products are worth spending top dollars for, whereas you can save on others.
  10. Accessorize:Essential oil travel case, lipstick cases or eye kits are your friends!

Handy Tips How to Make Buying Clothes Easier for Guys

Buying clothes can be a complicated task for both men and women. While women seem to handle this situation with élan (thanks to the number of tutorials online and the girlfriends who come along for shopping), the menfolk can seem a little lost.

Though buying clothes need not be as simple as buying a safety razor blade refill, it need not be as complicated as buying an engagement ring either. Here are some tips to help men shop for their clothes:


Know your size. You may think you are big and the multiple visits to the gym have you ripped and bulky, but this is not the case always. Men’s clothing sizes are very different from those of women. Check the sizes of clothing you have at home and look for those sizes.

A trial is always advised. Though the right size is enough, different brands have different fits. So, if you are trying a new brand or even the same brand, try it out before you pay for it.


Spend some time to browse online to know about the latest trends or ask around at the store. Let the salespeople help you. Even if you are comfortable in one style of clothing, there is no harm in keeping yourself updated about the fashion changes. For all that you know, it could suit you better or be the much-required update to your wardrobe.


If you are looking for something specific, or like some particular style, find out where it is available. Knowing where to go can save you a lot of time and also prevent you from buying something out of desperation.

A man may not have patience like a woman when it comes to buying clothes. This shouldn’t make you buy something random or spend excessively on something that has a cheaper option elsewhere. A good research or spending some time finding out the cost can save a lot of money and time.

7 Simple Secrets to Shopping With Toddlers

Shopping is like an adventure but have you ever experienced it with a toddler. Well,it is seems difficult because it seems like managing your child more and shopping less. Here are seven ideas that will help you shopping your essentials while keeping your toddler happy-

#1 Decide The Timing

Make sure you do not come out when it is your little one’s nap time. Also, you should feed him well because there is nothing worse than a hungry toddler.

#2 Invite Others

Make it a group trip and you can call your female friend with her kids. Let them enjoy together, and it will give you time to shop with peace of mind. Make sure you visit deCalidadybarato if you want any tips on toddlers.

#3 Get The Stroller

A stroller can be a great help while shopping because you can’t hold him or look after every single second. Plus, kids feel comfortable in strollers.

#4 Bring Some Snacks

A mom knows what the baby loves to have when he is in a bad mood. So in the space of the stroller, you can have some snacks for him.

#5 Keep It Short

If you think it is not going to work for hours, then keep it short. You can have 45 minutes to 1 hour with him and you can make it again someday.

#6 Visit Kids Area

Kids area should be visited with your toddler if you want him to enjoy too. Let him play with the things there and it will give you some time.

#7  Don’t Mind Stare

The last issue that can bug you is staring. Just keep in mind that people have eyes and they stare and there is nothing wrong with it. You do your shopping, keep your toddler engaged and at the end of the day the steering doesn’t even matter.…