How To Choose Your First DSLR Camera – The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

So you have planned to buy your first DSLR camera based on the comprare likes facebook. Let us go through these steps to know how to make the first purchase.

The brand name should not necessarily matter

The brand does not play much of a role here. Just make sure that you look for a camera that is best and works to your needs. Rest nothing is important. The brand name is not something that you should hang on to. You need to make sure that the camera has the right buttons and all of it is in the right place.


You need to check the sensor size. This is something that you may not have considered. There are full frames and crop sensors. It is the sensor size that captures the image. The high-end ones will have the full frame sensors and this will capture more information and will perform well in low light.

For beginners, the smaller sensors also work and you can still take images with the crop sensors.

LCD screen

The LCD screen lets you get a preview of the mages and you can also use it to mainly focus the spot. The screens are of varies sizes and there are also some that have a touch screen that will let you navigate.


The Wi-fi spots are built into some cameras which lets you share the pictures on social media. This is particularly useful for those who would be gone away for days and would like to back up their images. But this may not be a feature that everyone will be using so if you need it only then invest into this feature of the camera.

First, start with the basic version making sure that it has the basic features that you need. You can then increase the features and look to buy a high-end camera based on your use.