Five Signs You Could Be Using the Wrong Moisturizer

Even if you are born with a healthy skin you would actually have to care for your skin to keep it healthy. Dust and pollution, as well as exposure to sunlight, can all damage the skin. Damaged skin is prone to breakouts and this can be aggravated due to hormonal issues caused by an unhealthy lifestyle. On the whole, there are so many factors trying to harm your skin and amidst all of this, a reliable and safe beauty regime can act as the first line of defense. So your skin would stay healthy and beautiful. Among the many things, you need to do in a skincare routine one step you simply cannot miss is moisturizing the skin. This can be effective if you have the best moisturizer with you. Remember to pick one that actually suits your skin type.

Dry skin

Moisturisers are used to keep the skin hydrated. So if your skin still feels dry there might be a problem with the moisturizer.

Oily skin

If your skin feels oily after applying the moisturizer then perhaps you are using something that is too heavy and leaving a residue on the skin.

Visible rashes

If you have a sensitive skin you might see redness or rashes unless you pick a moisturizer designed specifically for sensitive skin. Even otherwise, the presence of harsh ingredients might cause rashes even in normal skin.


These are white bumps that can be seen when you use a very heavy moisturizer which can then clog the pores.


Acne is another problem caused when you use a moisturizer that is too heavy. Choose a light moisturizer that can easily be absorbed into the skin. If you are already facing acne troubles then use a cure that is known to work, like a high frequency wand for acne.…