The Best and Cheap Ways To Upgrade Your Home

This is how it is with me and I am sure it is with every one of you as well that when we check into any hotel, however expensive and designer it is; you start missing your home as soon as it is the second day!

On some days, my housekeeping style definitely shows distress and there may seem like someone is really trying to put in some effort but of course, your home is a home is a home; nothing else will do!!

But then ever so often, we do think that however perfect it be in warmth and belonging, yet a little difference in décor and setting here and there, of course, nothing too expensive around the house will make a great difference. Now only if someone told us where to begin!

Browsing through the net with these thoughts running in my mind and Bingo! I hit upon this website from NIDM and guess what I found? A great list of small and un-expensive things that you could work around the house to increase its value greatly.

  1. Painting the kitchen cabinets:

Getting new cabinets for the kitchen can become a costly affair; how about giving the old ones a fresh new paint. Lilac is the color of the season and looks extremely classy if two coats are applied one after the first one dries.

  1. How about changing the cabinet handles?

Switching over to the newer models of handles cannot just look ooh la but it can also help add a more functional element to the cabinets. For example, the cabinet handles that can pair up as a place to hang your kitchen cloths, napkins and wipes and also to hang in your oven gloves.

  1. Adding a sit-out:

If you have a small porch or even a small passageway where you can accommodate a reading chair and a footstool or a table and couple of chairs, it can add so much charm to read in the balmy sun or enjoy light drizzle outside.

  1. Changing outlet plugs and switches:

The cheapest way to upgrade your room’s looks is to buy the latest kind of switches and watch the facelift.

There are tons of other ideas on that website I mentioned. Do check out!…