Shopping Abroad: A Complete Traveler’s Guide

Travel and shopping aboard is a lovely and fun experience but if not planned well, it could turn into a nightmare especially if you are traveling abroad for the first time.  There are few important things which you should never forget to carry along with you like passport, film rangefinder cameras, medications, etc. Below mentioned are few guidelines one should follow while traveling internationally and have plans to shop there.

Tips to Ponder

Find genuine products- When you are traveling abroad for the first time and plan to shop, you need to find those shops which sell genuine products. There would be many shops that sell fake products if the country you visit is a shopping destination. The shopkeepers feel that it’s easy to fool the travelers as they are new to the place.  Hence find out from your travel agency or the hotel you stay which is the right place to shop.

Try to negotiate- The shopkeepers will quote a higher price if they find that you are new to the place and you are not aware of the market price of the products. Hence always negotiate the price with the shopkeepers before you purchase items. Also, don’t show much interest in those items that you have planned to buy.

Go along with a local person- It’s best if you can go shopping along with a local person who speaks the local language. The localities will know where to get a good product at a good price.  The tour guide can be of a great assistance when you go shopping abroad.

Research- Before you go for the trip, you should research the products that are famous in the place you plan to visit. Also, find out what’s the current market price for those products so that you won’t be duped.…