Keeping Safety in Mind While Buying Toys for Your Kid

Kids can be most susceptible to accidents and injuries by unsafe toys. It is therefore necessary to take special care while choosing yourchild’s toys. In this article we will take a look at what you should look forto make sure that the toys you purchase for your kids are safe for them.

The age factor

Read the recommended age on the labels of the toy. Purchase only those toys that are indicated as safe of your child’s age-group, development stage and skill-level.

Child’s temperament

Consider your child’s overall temperament and playing habits to decide what types of toys will be safer for him and for other kids he/she interacts with.

Read safety labels

Pay attention to safety labels such as “flame-resistant” or “washable” or “hygienic” material, etc. regarding the material or colors used. Such toys are generally safe for kids.

Avoid toxic material

Avoid toys that hint of any kind of toxic material. Toddlers and small kids tend to put toys in their mouth whichcan cause serious harm to their health and life.

No removable parts

Any toys with small parts that can be removed are potentially dangerous for small kids as they can cause choking which can lead to death.

Avoid sharp edges

Toys that have sharp edges or points should be avoided at all cost as they can cause serious cuts to delicate children. Even soft, stuffed toys with wires should be avoided as they can cause cuts to the child’s skin.

Battery-driven toys

While buying  toys my 2 year old boy would like  that run on batteries make sure that the batteries are safely enclosed in compact cases. The batteries and leaking battery fluid can be harmful for kids causing choking and chemical burns.

Riding toys

Make sure that riding toys like rocking horses or wagons are well-balanced and have safety straps to prevent tipping over.…