The cutest BTS collection you super need to get!

Are you a K-pop fan? Are you a Koreaboo? Well it just happens to be that you stumbled upon the right article, today we’ll be reviewing the best BTS merch you can get today and we’ll be explaining why these are the cutest BTS collections available today to show your support for your favorite K-pop stars.

The first part of the collection is the BTS 3D embroidery hat, coupled with cute BTS logos and the BTS name written in Korean Hanja characters. It’s 100% washable and it can be returned to Amazon within 30 days guaranteed.

The second part of the collection is the BTS hoodie from babyHealthy, it has the BTS 2017-2018 logo with a comfortable cotton blend. It’s machine washable and it comes with 18 other colors than the default white color scheme.

The third cute collectible you need to get is the BTS Hoodie sweater, which can be worn in any season (winter, summer, spring, fall) comfortably, it works as a jacket as well as just a nice decorative piece of clothing in the summer, it’s also made of 100% pure cotton if all the other features weren’t good enough to convince you of buying it!

The fourth is the BTS snapback with a large BTS logo on the front as well as being made from high quality cotton and polyester. You can also get the hat either in white or black colors depending on your preference.

The fifth and last cute collectible that any BTS fan reading NEEDS to get urgently is the BTS boys postcard with great pictures of any of the stars you love to decorate your room with, they come with 30 cards as well as 2 cards with signatures from the band as well as a gem pendant to wear outside.