Top Benefits Of Using Chemical-free Beauty Products

The skin is one of our biggest organs – a man on average has about 3 kg of skin that represents a semipermeable membrane in our body. Various impurities and pollutants from the environment enter our body through the skin. What we apply to the skin becomes as important as what we eat.

What is included in most commercial and even the most expensive products for care? With a bunch of chemical compounds whose names we do not understand, we find petroleum jelly and paraffin, mineral oils on the declared composition (if any!). And for the start, it’s enough to stop there. Paraffin and Vaseline are petroleum derivatives, hydrocarbons, and are not related to skin lipids.

What about natural cosmetics? The epithelium has naturally become so  that more and more cosmetics manufacturers declare their products as natural. However, in order for a product to remain unchanged for years on shelves in the store, it must have a bunch of preservatives, which often cause allergies.

And even to meet quality criteria, commercial “natural” cosmetics are not tailored to individual user needs. We have products for different types of skin, but the condition of the skin changes over time, and oily and oily skin can have quite different needs!


Natural cosmetics, yes. But where you know what an ingredient of a particular product is, whether it is your own, whether it is someone else’s, according to the needs of your skin.

Why vegetable (cold pressed) and essential oils?

Because herbal and essential oils pass through the layers of the skin, they also nourish food. Primitive outpost says that compounds recognize the skin and incorporate them into their cells, where they establish a balance of cell functions and stimulate the interstitial change of matter.

In addition, most essential oils, to a greater or lesser extent, have an antibacterial and antiseptic properties, and most importantly, they do not lose their effectiveness in acting on a bacterium after long use.

Taking into account all the ingredients of conventional cosmetics that can over time affect the health of the skin and the whole body, it is certainly the best choice to make natural cosmetics.